What is the object in the salesforce

Objects In Salesforce

General Objects:- It is Something very Important in every technical language to make things real time. if your from any technical background and if have studied programming languages like java,c++ u might i have idea about object in other language we called object as an Instance of class and its a real time entity. but in salesforce its complete different let see what is mean by object in the saleforce 

Objects in Salesforce:-  In very simple words Its a table which contain columns and rows 

Salesforce Tabs


There are two types of Objects available in salesforce 1) Standard Objects

                                                                                       2) Custom Objects

Standard Object:-  salesforce provide you functionality to make applications using standard objects which are already created by salesforce. while create whole object and inserting fields on it that’s lenghy process but using those predefined objects some times it saves time. same objects are complousory required in the any applications like dashboard,documents and reports. 


Custom Objects:-  These are objects which are created by Users and in these user can configure this page as per his needs. salesforce gives users to create custom fields on custom objects he can also create many more things related to objects like validation rules, workflows rules etc. we can make relationship with objects using look_up and master_details relationships. 

 If you have seens previous picture of salesforce tabs in that there is custom object which can be look like this after clicking on that custom 

Objects looks after clicking on the tabs

Other Above diagram is nothing but a objects.

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