Basics Of and Introduction To

Salesforce Introduction


I can Understand What exactly Your Looking For if your totally new with the Environment. considering that i have Prepared above image in order to Explain stuff in the suitable manner 

If you see image carefully i have done some numbering on the image which are some starting Components that you need to understand 

1) Top right corner of the image you can able to see sales that is nothing but a salesforce  standard application. if you see carefully that is drop-down list means there are many apps available in salesforce they can be standard or Custom Application.

2) there are many Components you can see like



              *Tejas Gawali

  Help  this is Something where you can get solution for everything at beginner level and advance                   level too. 

Setup  This is Part For Developer and Administrator in This lot’s of thing are given to Build app and               set some limitaion


This is an Menu which you will get after Clicking setup there are Lots of options available as your can see but these all option are for Developer Because Build Area is For Developer yes there is an Administrator section ut will first look into developer environment and then will go to another part that is Admin


It is Used for Creating Customize application to enable our specific requirements into the application. the Salesforce Never Gives to Access to back end you’ll never no the process of database but yes everything is excel-sheet format. it makes more easy to build application when we do not need to care about back-end.

                Everything is available in salesforce we just need to set things according to our requirements and it very easy because it just about few clicks and some information to be filled.

  • Objects are noting but a user interface which we use to get information or data from user. Object can be table which contain different types of fields.
  •  Process automation contain so many parts like Workflow rules,Approval Processes , Flows , Process Builder this are Some processes which makes salesforce more powerful because using those functions we can make our application more user friendly as it will get automated using those tools
    • There are (Task,email alerts,field updates ,outbound messages) which can be set Automatically Using above functionalities
  • Develop it contains so many  interesting things  like Apex programming which is same like java its object oriented language , we can create visualforce pages using apex,
  • Schema builder is used to understand application relationship in graphical manner its perfect to use when we are having trouble getting the issue related relationships
  • Lightning App builder is the new functionality which gives user new feature which can be provider in order to improve User Interface but all things are same as classical salesforce site.

I know i have covered very less things in this but these are the basic things you need to know for creating an Application there are lots of things are going to be new and Exciting..